A man who won a free lunch in a radio station contest got more than he bargained for: Along with the fries, justice was served.

Terry Joe Grieger, 23, won a fast-food meal as part of the daily contest on WDAY-FM radio. When he came to collect, so did the police.Winners get to eat lunch sitting alongside the disc jockey. Grieger, however, didn't get to sample his chicken sandwich.

"The guy came into the studio with me, and about a half-hour into the noon hour a couple of officers from the Fargo Police Department came in and asked him to come with them," said disc jockey T.J. Randell.

"He had a few twisty fries and that was it."

Police responded to an anonymous tip that Grieger was a wanted man. A bench warrant issued Feb. 1 said the unemployed roofer owed $120 on a suspended sentence for driving without a license or insurance, a court clerk said.

Municipal Court Judge Tom Davies sentenced Grieger to work five days at the city garbage department.

Grieger, of Dilworth, Minn., who does not have a phone and could not be reached for comment, called the disc jockey later in the afternoon to tell him about the sentence.

Station policy dictates he has to wait at least 30 days, Randell said.