A Spanish Fork man was sentenced to four terms in the Utah State Prison Friday in 4th District Court on three counts of forgery and one count of burglary.

Rodney L. Blackburn, 18, appeared before Judge George E. Ballif on the burglary charge, and Ballif sentenced him to less than five years in prison. Blackburn later appeared before Judge Ray M. Harding on the three forgery counts, and Harding sentenced Blackburn to less than five years in prison on each count. Harding ordered the sentences to run concurrent and that Blackburn be given credit for time already served.Blackburn pleaded guilty to the charges in October and has been undergoing an evaluation at the prison's diagnostic unit. He is awaiting prosecution on four counts of rape of a child, first-degree felonies, filed last week in 4th Circuit Court.

Prior to sentencing, defense attorney John Musselman argued that Blackburn's offenses did not deserve a prison sentence. In making recommendations to the court, he said that probation officers took into account the pending sex charges against Blackburn, charges that Musselman said should not have been considered.

Musselman also said that authorities at the prison's diagnostic unit failed to make adequate recommendations for treatment because they said it would be futile to do so until the sex charges have been resolved.

"I'm distressed at the amount of attention being given to pending charges," Musselman said.

Harding agreed with the presentence report and imposed the prison sentence.