A Croydon woman has been convicted of a third-degree felony charge of attempted manslaughter for the Sept. 2 shooting of her fiance.

Debbie Becker, 32, had been charged with second-degree attempted murder, but an eight-member Morgan County jury took 10 hours of deliberation Thursday to convict the woman of the lesser offense.Second District Judge Rodney Page set sentencing for March 18.

Douglas Carlin, the 29-year-old victim, was unable to testify during the two-day trial because he is still recovering from his injuries.

Carlin was shot once in the head with a .22-caliber revolver following a domestic dispute in the couple's home in Morgan County.

Ogden defense attorney Robert Phillips said Friday that he was satisfied with the verdict. He said he and Morgan County Attorney J. D. Poorman both agreed that violence had occurred before the shooting.

Becker's oldest daughter testified that Carlin had slapped and kicked her, and her younger son told the jury that he was kicked by Carlin before the shooting, said Phillips.

Becker also testified that Carlin had struck her in the back of the neck, the attorney said.

Phillips said that he tried to convince the jury that Becker accidentally shot the victim, while Poorman argued that the shooting was intentional.

Phillips said the jury compromised and determined the shooting was done in a "reckless" manner, thereby rendering a verdict of attempted manslaughter.