Julia Roberts finally did what Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Williams and Kevin Costner couldn't: Her "Sleeping With the Enemy" bumped "Home Alone" out of the No. 1 box office spot.

After 12 weeks on top, "Home Alone" fell to third place with ticket sales of $6 million, according to figures released by Entertainment Data Inc.Despite the drop, "Home Alone" now appears to have a chance in coming weeks to pass "Batman" on the all-time box-office chart. The abandoned-child comedy so far has grossed $221.2 million; "Batman," No. 5 on the all-time rankings, made $251.2 million.

"Sleeping With the Enemy" stars Roberts as a woman who fakes her own death to escape an abusive husband. The film made $13.8 million in its premiere weekend.

In second place was another new film, Steve Martin's romantic comedy "L.A. Story." The film's somewhat local humor traveled exceptionally well as it filled movie houses nationwide and made $6.6 million.

"Home Alone" was third and the new animated film "The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter" claimed fourth with a gate of $4.9 million.

In fifth was Costner's epic western "Dances With Wolves," which generated revenues of $3.9 million and now has made $103.9 million.

Here are the top movie ticket sales according to Entertainment Data:

1. "SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY," $13.8 million (first week).

2. "L.A. Story," $6.6 million (first week).

3. "Home Alone," $6 million ($221.2 million, 13 weeks).

4. "The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter," $4.9 million (first million, one week).

5. "Dances With Wolves," $3.9 million ($103.9 million, 14 weeks).

6. "Awakenings," $2.8 million ($36.5 million, eight weeks).

7. "White Fang," $2.7 million ($21 million, four weeks).

8. "Once Around," $2.6 million ($9 million, four weeks).

9. "Kindergarten Cop," $2.44 million ($75.7 million, eight weeks).

10. "Green Card," $2.39 million ($18.7 million, eight weeks).