Mary Jane Antoine is not so much pro-war as anti-Saddam Hussein.

So the Moscow resident has formed Mothers Against Saddam Hussein, or MASH, an organization dedicated to building support for United States troops in the Persian Gulf and helping their families and friends on the homefront.She said Americans should protest, but not against President Bush or the U.S. military.

"They should protest against Saddam Hussein. He's the aggressor," Antoine said, adding that news of anti-war protests "wounds the spirits" of the men and women serving in this war.

And she would like to see anti-Saddam protests exhibit patriotic fervor, with flags and yellow ribbons and other displays that will show U.S. troops they have support back home.

Antoine, whose son, Jim, is a Marine squad leader in the Persian Gulf, said she would like to have parades and hang banners over busy streets at Moscow and Pullman, Wash.

Other plans call for letter writing to help keep up the morale of the troops and preparing for the troops' homecoming, she said.