Tandy Corp., the education division of Radio Shack, will use a Utah school district to showcase a new computer-based writing program.

The company developed the Write More, Learn More Plus curriculum in cooperation with Phi Delta Kappa, an international education fraternity. The program emphasizes process-based writing skills across all subject areas.Dr. Curtis Fawson, project director of the Utah Educational Technology Initiative, said the selection of a school district will be announced in about a week. The district will be provided with software, materials, training and equipment necessary to implement the program.

The company decided to use Utah to showcase the writing curriculum because of the state's commitment to using technology in education, Fawson said. The state has determined to raise the level of mathematics, reading and language arts skills through better use of educational technology.

Write More, Learn More Plus is geared to elementary school children. Teachers in the chosen district will be trained to use inexpensive portable word processors in combination with stand-alone and networked computers developed by Schoolmate/Novell.

During a two-day workshop in April, the teachers involved in the Tandy program will share what they have learned with their peers. Radio Shack and Phi Delta Kappa will sponsor the workshop.