Untold numbers of tiny eggs that lie buried across northern Nevada will produce vast numbers of Mormon crickets that are expected to infest 3 million acres this spring, a state official says.

Richard Rowe of the Nevada Department of Agriculture told Elko County commissioners on Wednesday the infestation will be 100 times worse than last year due to the dry, warm weather.And this winter's 30-degree-below-zero temperatures won't have any effect on the number of crickets that will start hatching next month, he said.

Rowe said only wet, cold weather during the hatching period would put a dent in the population.

Rowe said the crickets should be mostly in Humboldt and Pershing Counties, with Winnemucca near the center of the infestation. In Elko County, he forecast that areas near Lamoille and Jiggs would be the only ones with crickets.

Assemblyman John Marvel, R-Battle Mountain, is working with Rowe on a $300,000 spending bill to combat the bugs this summer.