The City Council has approved a new set of rules and regulations governing South Jordan's parks and recreation policies, programs and concession stand operations,

Not included in the approval, however, was an addendum dealing specifically with the city's parks and recreation committee. Mayor Theron B. Hutchings said he wanted the section deleted because it went too far in granting powers and authorities to the committee that he believes should be retained specifically by the council.City Administrator Richard N. Warne said he felt that there were adequate controls in the section and that all final decisions were left with the council.

Hutchings said that while the council did retain final decision-making powers, he felt the section was vague and could lead to situations where committee members could pursue ideas in good faith that may not have official backing from the council. He said he wanted to prevent any possibility that the city could be considered obligated to proj-ects, especially land purchases, based on actions or activities conducted by the committee. He said the city should retain specific control in any situation that could obligate city funds.

The council agreed to review the section in a work session and to clarify those areas of concern raised by the mayor.