* WINNERS: Americans who exercise more - and their employers. Research shows that as workers become physically fit they also become more productive. These findings ought to encourage employers to provide more inducements for their workers to join health clubs and work out during breaks or on lunch hours.

* WINNERS: North and South Korea. This week they signed an accord to field joint teams in soccer and table tennis. It marks the first time in 45 years that the rival nations will compete on the same side. This development also shows that sometimes international athletic competition can foster international cooperation.LOSERS: Women. New research for the American Heart Association shows that women are much more likely than men to die from heart attacks. One possible reason: Women in the study were more likely than men to have diabetes. The study should encourage physicians to treat heart disease in women more aggressively.

LOSERS: The two part-time police officers in Lorain, Ohio, who reportedly faked a shooting while serving as security guards at a hospital. The purpose of the hoax was to show the need for hospital guards to carry firearms. Instead, about all that was demonstrated was the need for a couple of new law officers in Lorain.