A former St. George contractor now living in Midvale has been accused by state licensing regulators of financial irresponsibility, failing to complete projects and making misrepresentations to licensing officials, a petition said.

In 1987, Lynn Williams Inc., 7251 S. 300 East, added a specialist in swimming pool construction as a qualifier on his contractor license. But the specialist was not involved with Williams' company, according to the petition issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.Three years later, Williams agreed to build a swimming pool in St. George for $22,000. He abandoned the project after receiving $11,400 in advance payments from the customer, the petition said. The customer hired another contractor and paid $5,710 more than he had originally planned to finish the pool, the petition said. Williams also left an unpaid balance of $257 with the supplier for the project.

Williams filed for bankruptcy in late 1989 and had his debts discharged in February 1990, the petition said. Also in February he was hired as a supervisor for a construction project that he abandoned after cement foundations for two of the units at the project were poured backward, the petition said.

The project's developer had to pay an additional $19,657 for footings to correct the faulty work and finish the project, the petition said. Williams left the supplier for that project with unpaid bills of $3,261, the petition said.

The division accuses Williams of three counts of unprofessional conduct and has asked for sanctions against his license.