An Orem man charged with two felony assault charges in connection with last month's beating of two Orem men pleaded guilty Wednesday to two reduced assault charges prior to going on trial.

Travis Martin, 21, was originally charged with two counts of aggravated assault, third-degree felonies, giving false information to police officers and driving under the influence, class B misdemeanors. On Feb. 1 Martin pleaded not guilty to the charges and was scheduled for trial Wednesday. But in a plea agreement struck before the trial, Martin pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted aggravated assault, class A misdemeanors. The other charges against Martin were dismissed.Martin and Lewis N. Ivie, 20, Orem, were charged with what police believe were two racially motivated beatings on Jan. 12. According to police, the two beat a Hispanic man in front of a north Orem convenience store and later the same day beat a Polynesian man in his driveway.

Ivie is to stand trial Feb. 27.