A nurse whose drug addiction deprived patients of pain medication so she could use the drugs herself has had her license revoked by the state regulators, an order said.

Dana Tobler, of Salt Lake City, was a nurse at Alta View Hospital last year when she injected Demoral while on duty and took 350 doses of the pain killer from the hospital over a three-month period, according to an order issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.To conceal her Demoral use, the order said, Tobler destroyed inventory records, substituted Demoral with a placebo for certain patients and failed to administer the drug to others.

"Some patients who did not receive their medication as prescribed complained to (Tobler) of their existing pain, and she was thus aware that those patients suffered because she had diverted Demoral for her own use," the order said.

Tobler underwent treatment for her addiction, the order said, but a drug test taken after treatment revealed continued drug use and the hospital fired her last November.

The State Board of Nursing said Tobler engaged in "flagrant misconduct" that hurt patients, and it recommended the division revoke her license to practice as a registered and practical nurse.