To the editor:

"Support our troops" is the battle cry on the home front. But the home front is a safe safe place thousands of miles from the Persian Gulf. Many American flags, many yellow ribbons are bought and displayed. This is good and needed. But is it enough? May I suggest a more beneficial program of "support our troops" and helping their families?I suggest that "support our troops" efforts be directed to neighborhood religious, business, veteran, community, service and news media groups and organizations that they introduce volunteer programs within the neighborhoods to offer services to families of those serving their country. Services can include care of children, shopping trips, servicing of maintenance needs, household chores, gardening preparations, lawn care, writing letters and many more.

All government and business employers should offer flexible working hours, including four-day, 10-hour per day work weeks as a means for providing employees additional opportunities for the care of children of servicemen and women and other needs. (And this would cut down on traffic congestion.)

The above-named organizations already have means in place to effectively organize the volunteer program. It can be done with minimal expense and can be immediate. This type of program can be a real, meaningful approach to "support our troops." It would be a great morale boost. All citizens of all ages and expertise can volunteer in their own neighborhoods.

No-fare transportation can be provided to volunteers by UTA where available. And, to the families of our troops, the UTA can offer no-fare transit for the duration. Yes, we should "support our troops," but with dignity.

Samuel S. Taylor

Salt Lake City