A woman was in stable condition at University Hospital after she received minor burns on her hands Friday night in a fire at St. Marks Tower.

The small apartment fire at 650 S. 300 East was contained successfully by the building's sprinkler system according to Fire Battalion Chief Gary Maxfield.The St. Marks Tower manager said the 72-year-old resident, whose name was not disclosed, was melting wax on her stove. A flash from the wax set off the sprinkler system.

Firefighters evacuated the sixth floor of the senior citizens' residence in order to prevent respiratory problems. There were no other injuries among the 120 residents of the center.

Maxfield said the biggest problem seemed to be water damage sustained from the sprinkers. He estimated $2,000 in fire damage to the burned apartment and less than $5,000 water damage to six of the 10 floors in the building. Maxfield said he called in disaster control hoping to minimize the water destruction.