Radio stations KBER, KISN, KKAT and KLZX will be involved in an unusual radio-business promotion - "Sound Off" - beginning Monday, Feb. 18.

The radio stations will carry the "Question of the Week" every Monday for six weeks. Participants can "vote" during the week by marking a special ballot available from any Salt Lake-area 7-Eleven store (no purchase is necessary with this method of voting).In the other voting method, participants can purchase beverages in containers marked "yes" or "no" to reflect the choice.

The playful but debatable questions will cover everyday issues for Americans. Besides being aired on the radio, questions will also be posted inside the stores.

Radio stations will provide voting updates on Wednesdays, and the complete results will be available the following Monday. This "Sound Off" is also being conducted in 52 other markets nationally. - Lynn Arave