In order to persuade the allies that Saddam Hussein is sincere in a withdrawal proposal, a senior Pentagon analyst said, Iraqi forces could take specific steps, well-known to military officers around the world, to reveal he's serious about a troop stand-down.

"We want to see unarmed men, clogging the roads, heading north," he said.Other steps would include:

- Shutting off air defense radars, a step that would be immediately evident to the allies' airborne electronic listening posts.

- Divisional and brigade troop commanders transmitting clear, non-coded messages over open radio lines that they intend to cease offensive activities, and explaining how they will implement a pullout.

- Troops dropping weapons and leaving defensive positions, coming out into the open so they could be clearly seen by allied observers.

- Removing camouflage from tanks, artillery batteries and troop emplacements, or driving dug-in tanks out of their protective holes in the sand.

- Pulling front-line troops back so allied forces could take over portions of Kuwaiti territory and monitor the larger troop withdrawals into Iraq.

- Moving to withdraw major forces over a stated period of time, moving toward Iraq and abandoning ammunition and other supplies.

- Placing any remaining Scud missile launchers in the open for observation.