Editor's note: Deseret News staff writer Brooke Adams had some help from her daughters, Heidi and Elizabeth, in writing this review. The Marriott Center filled with hundreds of screaming, adoring fans Thursday night. They waved banners and danced in their seats. A few fans even "rushed" the stage.

That is, they toddled within several feet of the stage to get a better look at the performers.Major concert? Sure is: It's "Big Bird and the ABCs," a live performance starring those lovable characters from Sesame Street. The show, which continues through Saturday, stars Bert, Ernie, Tee Hee, Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, The Count, Cookie Monster, Super Grover, Guy Smiley, Tina, Oscar the Grouch, Postman and Handyman.

The children's view, by Heidi, 10, and Elizabeth, 6: It is good, it is exciting. There is a lot of action and dancing. Some of the scenes are funny - like how they dance. Ernie wiggles his behind.

When Tee Hee, who is from the planet Crayon, lands on Sesame Street, it feels like an earthquake. Tee Hee's flying saucer is broken, and they help her. She learns what the alphabet means.

Tee Hee was made by Jim Henson and Michael Frith and only appears in the stage show. They turn off the lights, and Tee Hee does a glow-in-the-dark dance. It's neat.

My sister, Elizabeth, and I really liked it. So did my 14-year-old brother, who doesn't want his name in the paper.

The parent's view, by Brooke, 33: There is nothing like a rousing round of "The Alphabet" song with Big Bird to take your mind off worldly worries.

In fact, some parents sounded like they were having as much fun as their children singing along to such Sesame Street goldies as "The People in Your Neighborhood" and "C Is for Cookie."

"Big Bird and the ABCs" is bright and funny. As Super Grover would say, it's totally cute.

Screaming out the numbers from one to eight along with The Count and an auditorium full of little children is good for a parent's soul. It is second only to seeing a 2-year-old bopping to "C Is for Cookie" sung by the Cookie Monster.

"Do you know the best word that starts with C?" asks Cookie Monster.

"Coooooookieeeee!" roared the crowd.

It's the first time Sesame Street Live, which is aimed at giving parents and children an opportunity to enjoy live theater together, has come to Provo. I'm glad it dropped in.

My favorite routine: The Count's Dinner, which is full of dance and song.

The show is timed to match little folks' attention spans: Two acts and intermission take just 11/2 hours.

"When you laugh you feel better," Ernie said.

It's true. I laughed. I felt better.

"Big Bird and the ABCs" will continue tonight at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 10:30 a.m., 2 and 5:30 p.m. There is not a bad seat in the house, and plenty of tickets are still available at the Marriott ticket office.