For a moment peace seemed imminent, but within hours Friday many Americans had taken a closer look and joined President Bush in dismissing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's proposal to withdraw from Kuwait.

International reaction- President Bush: He initially welcomed the overture but, "Regrettably, the Iraqi statement now appears to be a cruel hoax, dashing the hopes of the people in Iraq and indeed around the world . . . (it is) full of unacceptable, old conditions, but Saddam Hussein has added several new conditions."

- Britain: Prime Minister John Major dismissed it as "a "bogus sham."

- France: President Francois Mitterrand said, "At the point we are at now, the Iraqi proposal . . . cannot be engaged."

- Israel: Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir dismissed Saddam's offer to quit Kuwait and said there would be no peace in the Middle East until Saddam was deposed.

United Nations: Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar said the Iraqi proposal deserved "careful consideration" despite the conditions attached to it.

Italy: Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti said in a written statement that recent Soviet contacts with Baghdad "lead one to consider that a political way out of the crisis is possible."

- Egypt: "Iraq's initiative is not serious because its conditions are not acceptable. The Iraqi statement is completely rejected," said Egypt's Foreign Minister Esmat Abdel Meguid.

- Kuwait: "We shall fight to the last drop of our blood until our country is liberated," said a spokesman for the Kuwaiti military.

- The Vatican: "Certainly this new fact should . . . open the door to a solution of this crisis that is reasonable and worthy of mankind."

- Jordan: "We welcome the offer and hope that other countries will do the same," said Foreign Minister Taher Masri.

- India: Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar said he hoped the announcement would end the war. He said the multinational force should also withdraw from the area and economic sanctions against Iraq should be lifted immediately.

- Libya: Moammar Gadhafi said he welcomed any peace initiative. "It is Iraq's prerogative to bide its time until it has made sure that Kuwait will not be delivered to America or others."

- Soviet Union: Leaders called the proposal "an important beginning" but said it needs further analysis.

Troop reaction

"I don't trust (Saddam Huesin)," said Army Cpl. Jared Mullins, 22, of Daingerfield, Texas, of the 1st Cavalry Division. "We're going in."

"The first words were, `When do we get the beer?"' said Staff Sgt. Glenn Kramer, 40, of Washington, D.C.

Americans' reaction

"He's got something up his sleeve," said Josephine Tice of Sellersville, Pa., whose son Jeffrey is among about 30 Americans taken prisoner in the month-old war.

"My first initial reaction was, `Thank God. Let it be true. Let it be over,' " said Barbara Lyons of Operation Homefront in Lauderdale Lakes, Fla. "And then reality set in. He's adding conditions again, just like before."