Bonneville High School officials hope the arrests of three students and suspensions of seven others following an undercover drug investigation will steer other students clear of drugs.

The arrests were made at the school on Jan. 29. One male student was referred to Juvenile Court on the adult equivalent of a first-degree felony charge of distributing LSD on school property, said Deputy Weber County Attorney Gary Heward.A female student was referred on the adult equivalent of a second-degree felony charge of distributing LSD, and another male student referred on the equivalent of a third-degree felony charge of distributing marijuana, Heward said.

Bonneville Principal Carl Boyington said seven students suspected of peripheral involvement in drug use were suspended until they underwent a drug evaluation. They have all since returned to school.

Boyington said he asked the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force to set up an undercover investigation after the school's community council set a goal of having a drug-free school environment.

Boyington said he was pleased to find there was "not any more involvement than they found."

Heward said he doesn't think the drug problem is unique to Bonneville. No other operations have taken place at area high schools, he said.

The strike force placed an undercover informant in the school to see whether drugs were being sold there. The informant set up additional buys with full-time members of the strike force.

Arrests were made after officers obtained evidence of transactions involving drugs. Heward said school officials asked police to make the arrests at the school to have a maximum impact on students there.