To the editor:

Please allow me to correct some serious misconceptions regarding the Humane Society of Utah that were contained in a letter by Lynn A. Marlow that appeared in the Feb. 6 Deseret News.Marlow has obviously confused the Humane Society with one of the local animal control agencies, and we would like to make it plain that these are entirely separate entities with different operations, policies and procedures.

First of all, the Humane Society does not make calls to pick up reported stray animals; all animals at our shelter are brought directly to us by the finder or owner of the animal. Therefore, the writer of the letter could not possibly have been dealing with the Humane Society.

Secondly, the Humane Society does not have a policy of immediately euthanizing animals because of breed. We immediately euthanize animals only under the following conditions: if they are clearly suffering from severe illness or injury at the time of admittance or if the owner requests euthanasia.

Finally, the Humane Society of Utah is a private institution that is supported entirely by donations from a caring public; we receive absolutely no funding from tax monies or any other government source.

We are sorry that Marlow's experience with the stray chow pup was such a distressing one, but we would appreciate his/her making sure of the identity of the responsible organization before issuing a public condemnation that, in this case, turned out to be directed at the wrong party.

Craig S. Cook

President and general counsel

Humane Society of Utah