A West Valley couple was jailed after their son led police to a cache of marijuana and weapons at their home Wednesday afternoon.

The youth had participated in a Drug Awareness Resistance Education or "D.A.R.E." program at his junior high school and told police he was tired of having his parents sell drugs.Officers seized more than 18 pounds of marijuana at the house and found at least three handguns, 2,000 rounds of ammunition and an exotic German-made sniper rifle when they searched the house, said Assistant Police Chief Terry Keefe.

The police department would have used a SWAT team to make the arrests if officers had known in advance about the kinds of weapons that were inside, Keefe said. The marijuana has a street value of $50,000 to $54,000, he said.

The arrests began when a West Valley police officer made a routine truancy stop at about 3 p.m. Wednesday and discovered one of two junior-high-age boys was carrying a half-pound of marijuana. The boy told the officer a third boy had given him the drugs.

Police located the third boy, who told them he was giving the drugs away just to get them out of his parents' house. "As far as we know they were not having their son sell the drugs," Keefe said. "He just gave it away to get rid of it, to get it out of the house."

The boy directed officers to the house, where they arrested his parents.

Keefe said a hearing in juvenile court was scheduled Thursday morning to determine who would take custody of the youth. All three of the boys attend the same junior high school, but there is no indication the marijuana changed hands at school, Keefe said.

The parents, age 33, were booked into jail Wednesday evening for investigation of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute for value.