President Daniel Ortega says the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties are "imperialist" because each had an assistance plan for Nicaraguan rebels fighting to overthrow his government.

Ortega said he doubted the inauguration of a new American administration next year would improve U.S.-Nicaraguan relations but held out hope a Democratic administration under Michael Dukakis would seek negotiations."What we have said is that a future U.S. government - Democrat or Republican, both have shown themselves to be imperialist - be responsible and wise enough to have learned the lesson (President) Reagan would leave them," he said.

Both parties "have their own plan for Contras' aid and aren't satisfied that there exists a sovereign, free and independent government in Nicaragua," Ortega said.

The United States has supported the rebels, known as Contras, since 1981.

U.S. military aid for the rebels expired in February. On Aug. 10, the Senate voted largely along party lines for a Democratic proposal to provide the Contras with $27 million in non-lethal humanitarian aid after Oct. 1 and a possible second vote on $16.3 million in stockpiled military aid later this year.

A cease-fire has been in effect since March 21, but talks on a permanent truce to the civil war broke down in June. Each side has accused the other of truce violations.

Ortega said if Dukakis is elected and "is capable of executing (plans) to enter negotiated solutions, he would be giving the United States the opportunity to vindicate itself before the people of Latin America."