George McGovern, the former and perhaps future presidential candidate, is closing his financially troubled inn in Stratford, Conn. The hotel's 35 guests will have to get out by Friday while McGovern looks for new investors. McGovern bought the inn's lease for $1 million in 1988 and then sank another $1 million into improvements, but now the hotel, which was put into bankruptcy protection in November, has almost $700,000 in debts. Unless McGovern comes up with some money by March 2, ownership of the inn will revert to a realty company. Meanwhile, the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee says he might run again if an acceptable candidate doesn't come forward. "In my soul, I know my qualifications for the presidency - wisdom, wit, historical perpsective, toughness - are better at 68 than they were at 48," he wrote in an article for The New York Times. "Perhaps another candidate is even now waiting in the wings to announce. If not, get ready for McGovern in '92."