Lawmakers have unanimously expressed their undying love and support for Antelope Island State Park. Just like last year and the year before.

But the real question, one not answered by the House Natural Resources Committee, was whether or not lawmakers were willing to come up with the $15 million needed to rebuild the causeway linking the park to the Wasatch Front."The island is officially off limits to the public, and the great potential that is there is sitting idle," said Rep. Nancy Lyon, R-Bountiful, the sponsor of the bill. "The first step toward re-establishing that potential is to rebuild the causeway."

Antelope Island once hosted almost a half million visitors a year. But floods seven years ago destroyed the causeway, isolating the park and making restoration a pet project of representatives from Davis, Weber and Salt Lake counties.

The committee unanimously supported Lyon's bill appropriating $15 million for causeway reconstruction. But that bill now must compete with other bills, and if past years are any indication, other priorities in the state's budget will force the issue back before the Legislature in 1992.