Garth C. Workman, chairman of the Southern Utah Chapter of the Service Corps of Retired Volunteers, has been named "senior of the year" by the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce.

The award came in part for Workman's volunteer work with the chapter in counseling people who want to start a business or those who have started a business and need help.SCORE is a Small Business Administration program designed so retired business executives can provide counseling to fledgling business owners.

In addition, the 65-year-old Workman also was honored for his work with the American Association of Retired People in getting senior citizens into Cedar City schools to give teachers some help with the students. Workman said the seniors can provide some one-on-one help that makes a big difference to a teacher with 35 students.

Along with his wife, Dorothy, Workman has worked in the U.S. Forest Service Red Canyon Visitor Center near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Workman, who worked 36 years for AT&T Technologies (formerly Western Electric), said he likes to stay busy. The native of Hatch, Garfield County, said he returned to Cedar City after retirement because it is the most beautiful and diversified region in the world.

Calling senior citizens the nation's most underutilized resource, Workmen said it is his continuing goal to encourage other senior citizens to get involved in projects.