A penny saved may be a penny earned, but in Burlington County, N.J., penny parking meters are just plain popular.

Nostalgia buffs are keeping county officials busy with inquiries about the 160 antiquated meters that will be sold next month.

"Everybody who calls wants one,"said Deputy Township Manager John Schoenberg in Moorestown. "It's incredible."

Customers will be limited to two meters the first week. After that, meters will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, Schoenberg said.

"We expect them to go fast," he said. "People are eating them up."

Officials decided to replace the meters, which have lined the streets of this southwestern New Jersey town since the 1950s, because they had difficulty finding replacement parts.

For a penny, you could park for 12 minutes. An hour went for a nickel and two hours for a dime. The new meters will be installed Thursday. Parking will cost a nickel for 12 minutes, a dime for 24 minutes and a quarter for an hour.

The price of an obsolete penny parking meter? Four thousand five hundred slugs of copper will get you a working model and non-working meters will go for 3,000 pennies, or $45 and $30 cold cash.