When the federal government put out a call for transport companies to haul materials in support of Operation Desert Storm, PST Inc., Lindon, stepped forward and apparently became the No. 1 hauler with a 3.98 rating.

Of the total 700 carriers applying to haul loads for the Department of Defense, only 250 of them got the opportunity. DOD is evaluating the carriers to see which companies would get the load first, and PST scored 3.98 of a possible 4.0.Specializing in heavy and unusual hauls, PST recently sent 25 of its best trucks and trailers worth $1.5 million to help in the war effort. The machinery will be used to haul disabled equipment such as tanks and armored personnel carriers from the front lines to a repair area.

The company also is preparing to send 25 field advisers to help train and support the allied troops in using the trucks and trailers.

In the past, PST has hauled tanks, helicopters, ambulances, supply trucks and other special loads for DOD. Last year, the company hauled more than 4,000 government loads to all parts of the United States.

Although the headquarters is in Lindon, PST has terminals in Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon, Texas and Washington.