An aide to one of the most noticeable non-drinkers in Congress - Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah - is leaving to work for the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

"It's a career move. I'm looking forward to it," said Rick Gulden, Hansen's press secretary and legislative assistant.In recent weeks, Hansen decided to move the bulk of his press operations to Utah from Washington. Gulden was replaced as Hansen's main spokesman by an aide in Hansen's Ogden office, Peter Jenks.

"And press is what I do for a living - either reporting for it or manipulating it," said Gulden, a former reporter for the St. George Spectrum. He added, "It has been a real pleasure working for Jim. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

He added that he is especially looking forward to having his own office. In Congress - where work space is notoriously tight - he shared a room with five other Hansen staffers.