Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Ron and Pat, Riverton, girl.

BECKSTEAD, Michael and Donna, Riverton, girl.

LUSH, Charles and Maryann, Sandy, girl.

PETERSON, Don and Kami, Salt Lake City, boy.

QUINTON, Douglas and Heather, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital BRANNEN, Stephen and Jarretta, Salt Lake City, boy.

JOHANSEN, Jeffery and Amy, Kaysville, boy.

MAXWELL, Craig and Debra, Salt Lake City, boy.

NELSON, Rodney and Traci, Salt Lake City, girl.

NOBLE, David and Diane, Salt Lake City, girl.

PETERSON, Richard and Jamie, West Valley City, boy.

RICHARDSON, Robert and Linda, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BEAUCHAINE, Carrie, boy.

HAMMOND, John and Robynette, boy.

JARDINE, Neil and Kathy, girl.

LUNDSTROM, Ryan and Marnie, girl.

MAFI, Lotomoua, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BRUDERER, Neil and Cherise, boy.

BUSTOS, Dean and Sandra, girl.

COLLEDGE, Tammy, girl.

HOBBS, Morris and Cindy, boy.

JESSUP, Natalie and NIELSEN, Dean, boy.

KREK, Dale and Kimberly, girl.

MONTOYA, Mario and Michelle, girl.

SIMMONS, Tom and Michelle, boy.

SIMONSEN, Boyd and Gwynn, girl.

WITHERS, Alan and Charlyne, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

AOYAMA, Eddie and Lynne, Salt Lake City, boy.

NIELSEN, Troy and Carol, Salt Lake City, girl.

OKELBERRY, Kerry and Janice, Riverton, boy.

University Hospital-

FRAZER, Brian and Amy, boy.

MARTINEZ, Cathy, girl.

RAUSCH, Ted and Jolene, girl.

UDY, Frank and Corinne, boy.

WARD, Dr. Ken and FARRINGTON, Dr. Pamela, boy.

WELLS, Brett and Renee, boy.