Vowing to deliver the surprise of the 1988 presidential race - a victory in Utah for Democrat Michael Dukakis - the Dukakis For President committee kicked off its state campaign Monday by naming three Salt Lake County campaign coordinators.

Sheriff N.D. "Pete" Hayward, county surveyor M. Carl Larsen and Jeanne DePaulis, wife of Salt Lake mayor Palmer DePaulis, were announced as local coordinators by Dukakis Utah campaign manager Pete Suazo.Suazo promised to name county coordinators for each of Utah's counties and said the state Dukakis campaign headquarters is now open at 250 W. 2255 South.

"We're excited because its the first time (Democrats) have campaigned at this level in Utah in a presidential race," Suazo said. "We're conducting a grassroots campaign and we will deliver a Democratic victory."

Attorney Patrick Shea, chairman of the Dukakis campaign in Utah, said the Dukakis campaign is running in all 50 states, conceding nothing to Vice President George Bush, the Republican candidate. The Utah Dukakis campaign will challenge the Utah Bush campaign to a series of debates, Shea said.

Salt Lake County Attorney David Yocum, one of a dozen Democratic elected officials on hand to endorse Dukakis and his running mate Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, D-Texas, criticized the current administration for a lack of support for local government officials manning the front lines of the war on drugs.