Sen. Alarik Myrin, R-Altamont, doesn't want to give up on the Heber Creeper. At least not yet. Myrin and other eastern Utah legislators led the fight a year ago to buy the antique railroad that runs from Bridal Veil Falls to Heber through the Provo Canyon for $1.6 million.

But the deal fell through last year for a variety of reasons. The state owns the right of way, the tracks and part of the rolling stock, said Myrin. But the railroad is operated by a private business."There are property tax liens on some of the property, bank loans are overdue. If we extend the purchase agreement, some of these assets could go up for sale and we could buy them. I want to wait a bit."

Sen. Scott Howell, D-Salt Lake, doesn't. He's introduced a bill repealing the purchase offer, leaving the $1.6 million for some other use.