Top senior tennis players begin competition Wednesday in the Wendy's National Senior Indoor championships at the Snowbird Canyon Racquet Club.

The annual event will feature players in the men's 45 and 50 events. The players are among the best in the world in their respective divisions.Top seeds in the men's 45 include Charlie Hoeveler of Northern California, at No. 1, and Peter Bronson of Arizona, No. 2.

Among the top seeds is Bountiful's Clark Robinson, the No. 6 seed. Other Utah players include Lee Nelson, Mike Martines, Ron Bollinger and Alan Ashton.

Top seeds in the men's 50 are David Weber of Nebraska, at No. 1, and Gordon Smith, a California player, at No. 2. Utah players entered in the division include Hy Saunders, Don McIntosh, Dick Gallegos, Craig McQueen and John Anderson.

The tournament is open and free to the public. Matches will continue through the week with the finals slated for Monday.