The board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce wants the Legislature to appropriate $15 million to modernize and expand the Salt Palace so it can more favorably compete for convention business.

The action came after Truman Clawson, chairman of the Salt Palace Modernization Committee, played for the board a videotape that attempts to show why the expansion and modernization is needed.At present, the Legislature is considering a request for the money that will be the state's share of the Salt Palace work. Salt Lake City has committed $15 million and Salt Lake County is considering providing $30 million toward the estimated $60 million cost.

In addition to the $15 million request, the Legislature is being asked to pass a bill that authorizes a county option restaurant tax up to 1 percent to be used for conventions, tourism, tourism promotion, recreation and facilities operation funding.

The plan is that if the bill passes, Salt Lake County would use its restaurant taxes to maintain the expanded Salt Palace.

In addition to the Salt Palace issue, the board took action on several bills that are in various stages of the legislative process:

- In addition to a previous stand taken on the property tax issue, the board wants the Legislature to solve the problem without delay because of increased litigation costs. The board also supports an in-lieu fee for motor vehicles at a statewide rate of 1.66 percent, thus reducing the shift to locally assessed properties, holding such vehicles harmless and still keeping the property tax shift within the property tax arena.

- Urged the creation of a task force to study a waste management system that includes all types of waste.

- Urged support for SB17 that would allow private schools to require criminal background checks as a condition for employment and would require an applicant for certification by the State Office of Education to submit to a criminal background check as a condition of employment.

- Gave its support for SB25, which defines the types of maintenance work that counties, cities and towns can do on roads without contracts.

- Gave support for HB15 to create a task force to study how the state can generate more revenue from public school trust lands.

-Gave support for HB59, which provides that convictions involving sex offenses may not be expunged from criminal records.

- Voiced support for HB122, which creates an Alternative Fuels Private Sector Incentive Account to encourage vehicle fleet operators to convert their fleets to use an alternative fuel.

- Gave support for HB127 to bring administrative law judges to a central office.

- Voiced support for HB146 to prohibit disposal of lead acid batteries in municipal waste facilities.

- Opposed HB165, which would require legislative and gubernatorial approval for compliance with siting requirements for cement kilns burning waste fuels.

- Supported HB215, which amends provisions regarding scope and enforcement of hazardous substances mitigation.

- Opposed HB220, which would require employers to report additional unemployment compensation information.

- Backed a $3 million appropriation from supplemental funding for the uninsurables risk pool.