VITAL STATISTICSAge: 48\ Place of Birth: Malad City, Idaho\ Family: Wife, Debbie; children, Shelli, 22; Scott, 17; Mandi, 9; Kenneth, 5.

Education: Associate degree from Snow College (1962), bachelor's degree, Brigham Young University (1967); postgraduate, UCLA (1969)

Primary Product: Health care Primary\ Market: Utah County

Number of Employees: 2,800

Annual Sales: $120,000,000


First "real" job: Worked on father's farm.

Management Style: Surround yourself with strong leaders and give them expectations.

Strategy for success: (1) Meet the customers needs (2) Keep the customer informed (3) Make sure your employees take ownership of their jobs.

A memorable failure: I look at failures as an opportunity to improve and succeed; therefore, none are memorable.

Heroes: Parents, President Gordon B. Hinckley, David H. Jeppson

Leisure time and hobbies: Family, racquetball, jogging.

Favorite book and movie: Clive Cussler's books; "Dances With Wolves"