New bills filed:SB167 (Myrin) - Amends the terms and conditions of the appropriation of $1.6 million from the general fund to the Department of Transportation to purchase the Heber Creeper.

SB168 (Chuck Peterson) - Exempts certain workers from Workers' Compensation coverage.

SB169 (Craig Peterson) - Appropriates $3.042 million for a seismological instrument network.

SB170 (Richards) - Appropriates $35,000 from the General Fund to the Division of Parks and Recreation for FY 1991-92 to study the Promontory Rail Restoration Project.

SB171 (Craig Peterson) - Allows retirement from noncontributory system for state employees after 25 years of service.

SB172 (Cary Peterson) - Appropriates $69,000 from the FY 1990-91 General Fund to the Department of Agriculture for a public relations coordinating program to promote livestock grazing on public lands.

SB173 (McMullin) - Creates a task force to review budgets of state departments, defines membership and appropriates $10,000 to fund the study.

SB174 (Beattie) - Establishes standards for long-term care insurance.

SB175 (Steiner) - Requires school districts to provide parenting classes for teenage students who are either parents or expectant parents and allows districts to provide daycare services for children of teenage students.

SB176 (Shepherd) - Provides information on judicial retention elections in the voter information pamphlet.

SB177 (Hillyard) - Amends provisions to adopt uniform standards for jury use and management.

SB178 (Richards) - Provides for continuance of ex parte protective orders under certain circumstances and increases the courts' options regarding the content of protective orders.

SB179 (Rees) - Requires that notice of utility fee increases be advertised and a public hearing conducted.

SB180 (Chuck Peterson) - Provides for the awarding of attorney fees for claims on motor vehicle, motorcycle and small trailer dealers' and crushers' bonds.

SB181 (Leavitt) - Prohibits refiners from operating motor fuel service stations.

SB182 (Beattie) - Clarifies certain provisions of the licensing act and corrects certain provisions relating to licensee contributions.

SB183 (Holmgren) - Requires the court to follow certain procedures regarding mentally retarded offenders.

SR3 (Hillyard) - Provides new procedure for Senate confirmation of justices or judges.

SCR9 (Myrin) - Honors corporations and businesses in Utah that are providing financial and moral support to employees serving in Operation Desert Storm and their families.

SJR17 (Barlow) - Revises the Legislature's joint rules and requires disclosure of certain benefits and conflicts of interest.

HB322 (Bradshaw) - Amends the ride-sharing provisions of public utilities.

HB323 (Pignanelli) - Amends the duties of the Bureau of Criminal Identification to establish a statewide uniform crime reporting system to track statistics on criminal activities, hate crimes and other statistics required by the FBI.

HB324 (Tuttle) - Prohibits the operation of motorboats and sailboats and jet ski craft by anyone under the age of 16 and prohibits the operation of jet skis at night.

HB325 (Voight) - Creates a Utah Rehabilitation and Re-employment Act.

HB326 (Protzman) - Clarifies who is authorized to take consents and relinquishments in adoption.

HB327 (Bradshaw) - Amends certain provisions relating to financial responsibility of health spas.

HB328 (Brown) - Makes equity skimming of real property a third-degree felony.

HB329 (Voight) - Requires the disclosure of hazardous substances on property for sale.

HB330 (Frandsen) - Requires the joint liaison committee to conduct a study and review on the need to strengthen and modify training and inservice programs for administrators in public and higher education.

HB331 (Davis) - Eliminates the social security retirement offset for recipients of permanent total disability benefits.

HB332 (Wharton) - Limits county commissioners to two four-year terms.

HB333 (Adams) - Amends oil and gas tax definitions.

HB334 (Pignanelli) - Creates a task force to study issues relating to incentives for and implementation of recycling plans.

HB335 (Adams) - Amends the severance tax rate for natural gas liquids.

HB336 (Valentine) - Provides for a flat-rate income tax of 5.4 percent with limited deductions.

HB337 (Valentine) - Provides for a flat-rate income tax of 5.25 percent with limited deductions.

HB338 (Valentine) - Provides for a flat-rate income tax of 4 percent with limited deductions.

HB339 (Rose) - Creates a task force to study the relationship of groundwater withdrawals and ground water quality.

HB340 (Garn) - Requires that notice of utility fee increases be advertised and public hearings held.

HB341 (Pignanelli) - Prohibits the unauthorized possession of badge, identification card, or any restraint device or the uniform of any state or local governmental entity.

HB342 (Bain) - Clarifies certain administrative procedures of the Division of Occupational Licensing Act.

HB343 (Jensen) - Amends the list of precursor chemicals in the Controlled Substances Act.

HB345 (Nielsen) - Provides for regulation of the pre-need funeral arrangement industry.

HB346 (Glen Brown) - Limits the number of county justice court judges and requires that vacancies be advertised and filled from the general population.

HB346 (Glen Brown) - Limits the terms of county court justices.

HB347 (Pignanelli) - Amends the definition of third-party administrator.

HB348 (Rushton) - Expands disability coverage and leave of absence provisions for public safety employees.

HB349 (Brown) - Provides for board review of State Land Division's actions.

HB352 (Borgeson) - Establishes a system to contractually coordinate state, county, municipal, federal and private funding sources with funds offered by the tribes, Indian organizations and the Utah Navajo oil royalty trust.

HJR30 (Hull) - Proposes a constitutional amendment concerning the recall of elected public officials.