DEAR READERS: Don't tell me that tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day already - we just finished with Christmas. Well, it is, so be a sweetheart and call someone and say, "Hi, I love you." Make two or three calls - who said you can't love more than one person? In different ways, of course.

Be a sweetheart and go through your closets and part with all those clothes you've been saving until you lose 10 pounds. Your favorite charity can turn those good-as-new garments into cash.Be a sweetheart and call someone who's lonely and say, "I'm thinking about you." Or better yet, say, "I'll be over tomorrow and take you to lunch, run some errands or give you a ride."

Arrange a date for some nice person who doesn't get many. Be a sweetheart and forgive an enemy, quit smoking, count your calories, return that book (and everything else) you've borrowed. Update your will, donate your eyes, your kidneys and all usable organs to someone who can use them after you're gone. Spay your dog, neuter your cat, toss some bread crumbs out for the birds, pay your doctor and your dentist. If you can't pay all your bill - pay part of it to show good faith. Hug your teenager, listen to a bore, vow to separate your trash and recycle your paper if you're not already doing it.

Promise yourself to drive carefully, and if you're walking, thank God you're able to, and watch where you're going. Pray for the safety of all our men and women who are serving their country in all four corners of the world, and pray for their families at home who are doing without them. And don't wait until next St. Valentine's Day to be a sweetheart again. - LOVE, ABBY

DEAR ABBY: I am very much in love with a wonderful man, and we are talking about getting married.

We are both mature people and have been on several trips together, so we are not exactly strangers - ahem. I think you get my drift. There is one problem:

I find it impossible to sleep in the same bed with him. I am a very light sleeper and need my full eight hours' sleep, but this man is not only a snorer, he constantly tosses and turns, and he talks in his sleep!

The idea of separate beds has entered my mind, but it is not a possibility for me because I love to fall asleep in his arms.

Is there a solution to this problem? - INSOMNIAC

DEAR INSOMNIAC: Go ahead and fall asleep in his arms, and when he starts to snore and thrash around, take your pillow and move to a quieter place.

DEAR ABBY: Last year, a woman (unmarried) who works in our office received flowers, candy and several valentines - all from imaginary "admirers." Everyone knew she had sent them to herself, but nobody let on, of course. She will probably be "remembered" by these same gentlemen friends whom nobody has ever met tomorrow when St. Valentine's Day rolls around again.

What do you think of a grown woman who would pull such a childish stunt? And how should we - who are not fooled - react? - THE OFFICE GANG

DEAR GANG: I think she's pathetic and sadly in need of attention. React as if she had put one over the home plate. You will have made her day, and it won't cost you anything.

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