R.L. Polk directories

I am interested in owning a copy, either current or older, of the R.L. Polk & Co. Salt Lake City directory.

Could you please find out how I could obtain one and how much they cost? - R.J., Salt Lake City.There are two Salt Lake directories. The Salt Lake City directory, which covers from 45th South north to the Davis County line, was published in May 1990. It costs $130 plus tax and shipping.

The Salt Lake suburban directory, which covers from 45th South to the point of the mountain, is scheduled for publication this May. The last edition was published in May 1989.

If you order the suburban directory now it will cost $100 plus tax and shipping. If you wait until it comes out, it will cost $130 plus tax and shipping.

You can order a directory by calling the company's Salt Lake office at 486-9907.

R.L. Polk & Co., headquartered in Detroit, Mich., has been in business for 121 years. The company publishes directories for most of the major U.S. cities including Salt Lake. Cost varies depending on the city and size of the directory.

The directories list residences and businesses according to name, telephone number and address.

Government offices, libraries and big department stores are among those that buy the directories.

Because $100 to $130 a shot is expensive for an individual, we called the Main Salt Lake City Library to see if it sold any of its old R.L. Polk directories.

It did, emphasis on past tense. The library has book sales in October and April. (The next one will be at the Main Library at 2nd East and 5th South, April 20, 22 and 23.)

At past sales Polk directories were offered for $5 a piece. The library wasn't able to sell many of them to the general public so it recently sold all its extras to the University of Utah's Marriott Library.

You may want to contact the county library system to see if its old editions are for sale.

An alternative to owning your own directory is using one at a library. The Main branch of the Salt Lake City library, for instance, has directories from 1902 to the present on hand in the Humanities section.

They are for reference only. You can't check them out. Special Collections has a few that are even older, dating back to 1902.



I have made many Frostline garments (Broomfield, Colo.) but not recently.

When I wrote last year for a catalog, my letter came back. There is no telephone number in Broomfield for the company, either.

Do you know what happened to Frostline? - M.S., Logan.

Frostline moved to Grand Junction approximately seven years ago. Its address there is 2512 W. Independent Ave., Grand Junction, CO 84505. Its phone number is (303) 241-0155.

Gillette, the razor blade people, owned the company when it was located in Broomfield. It is now owned by an individual.

The company makes sewing kits for down products such as comforters, sleeping bags, vests and parkas, and other sport items such as bicycle gear and luggage.

Write or call the company for a free catalog.

More on pant stretchers

A reader called to let us know there is yet another souce for pant stretchers. They are available through the Walter Drake catalog for $8.99 a pair. They are item number H1568.

Walter Drake is located at 11 Drake Bldg., Colorado Springs, CO, 80940, or order with a credit card by calling (719) 596-3854.

Harriet Carter is another mail-order company that sells pant stretchers.