Brigham Young University's senior dean, Clayne R. Jensen, will step down from the post of dean of the College of Physical Education this spring after 17 years in the post, said BYU Academic Vice-President Stan L. Albrecht.

Jensen joined the BYU faculty in 1964, and before becoming dean was associate dean. He has served under four university presidents, beginning with Ernest L. Wilkinson."On behalf of the university administration, I express great appreciation for a job that has been exceptionally well done," Albrecht said.

"Dean Jensen's tenure has extended well beyond the normal period of service in an administrative position, and all of us have been grateful at his willingness to continue to shoulder the many difficult tasks associated with that assignment," he said.

A 10-member screening committee will be accepting recommendations for Jensen's replacement.

Departments in the college include Health Sciences, Physical Education-Sports, Dance Education-Performance, Recreation Management-Youth Leadership, Human Performance Research, Intercollegiate Athletics-Men, Intercollegiate Athletics-Women, and Intramural and Extramural Sports.

Jensen will continue in an administrative assignment and at the same time will use a portion of his time for development leave. He will continue as the university faculty athletic representative, a position he has held for 15 years.

Jensen said that his many years as dean "have been especially gratifying, due largely to the superior quality of the faculty."