A heartwarming home is the coziest kind, especially during the winter.

How can homes be made warmer, more inviting? All it takes is a bit of special loving care, according to Ladies Home Journal.Get personal. Display collections or treasured items on bookshelves, mantels, tables. Hang children's art and awards. The kitchen is a perfect room to personalize since it's used so often.

Focus on family photos. Create a gallery down a hallway. Or arrange photos in interesting frames on a table. Keep a basket of loose photos by the phone. People love to look through them while chatting.

Lighten up. Keep rooms well illuminated to ban the gloom. Placing lots of lamps around a room creates a soft glow - which is far more appealing than harsh overhead lighting. And use candles liberally. They're inexpensive and magical.

Go for comfort. Nothing's more inviting than a plump sofa or chair. Pile on oversize pillows and add a colorful afghan. Plush items make a room more intimate.

Bring the outdoors in. Fill the house with fresh flowers and plants. Silk ones can look dreary and gather dust.