Eastern Airlines, which ceased operations on Jan. 18, is offering refunds to travelers holding Eastern tickets.

To obtain a refund, ticketholders should send their tickets or unused portions of tickets to Eastern Airlines, Passenger Refunds, Miami International Airport, Miami, Fla. 33148.An Eastern official said that people requesting refunds should expect to wait four to six weeks. Travelers who purchased tickets through a travel agent will receive a refund through the agency. For further information about refunds, call Eastern at (305) 873-3400.

Eastern customers may also be able to use their unused tickets for travel on other airlines. As of last week, most of the major carriers were planning to honor Eastern tickets.

In most cases, transfer from Eastern to another airline involves restrictions, such as whether the Eastern ticket date, destination and grade correspond with availability.

In some cases, travelers may be able to use an Eastern ticket to obtain an upgraded ticket on another airline by paying the difference between the two, depending on an individual airline's policy and availability on its flights.