Stephen B. Nebeker Executive committee chairman, Ray Quinney & Nebeker


Age: 61.

Where born: Salt Lake City.

Family: Wife June Wilkins Nebeker and children Jeanne N. Jardine, Mary N. Larson, Stephen W. Nebeker and Ann N. Wilkinson.

Education: BA, JD, University of Utah.

Primary products: Legal services.

Primary markets: Business, tax, litigation, government and environmental legal services.

Number of employees: 170.


First "real" job: Cowboy at Bear Lake Ranch.

Management style: Laid-back, big time.

Strategy for success: When under stress, smile.

A memorable failure: Forgetting my wedding anniversary.

Heroes: Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln.

Leisure time and hobbies: Skiing with my children and grandchildren.

Favorite book and movie: "Churchill: Alone" - "Hamlet."