The Great Salt Lake Council of Boy Scouts of America is trying to combat the negative influences of drug abuse, child abuse, illiteracy, unemployment, hunger and pollution on Utah youth.

Council leaders announced that they have adopted a Boy Scouts of America relevancy program known as "The Six Unacceptables" and hope to increase the involvement of concerned Utahns in battling the social problems.Gov. Norm Bangerter told the leaders assembled at the Capitol that Boy Scouts have been "the keeper of America's values" and said a brochure on the unacceptables should have a significant impact on youth and their families.

The governor's wife, Colleen, said the thousands of boys and their leaders, cooperating with community agencies and services, can help reduce the effects of unacceptable behavior.

The brochure produced by the council relates Scouting values to each of the unacceptable behaviors and lists what Scouts, their parents and their communities can do to help solve them.