The Ephraim Irrigation Co. plans to spend more than a half-million dollars this year on two water conservation projects.

One project, at a cost of around $375,000, will involve the construction of two settling ponds, one east of the city and the other five miles north, and the installation of about five miles of 18-inch pipe.The project will replace the pres-ent electric-powered sprinkling system with a gravity-pressure system to the benefit of around 800 acres of prime irrigated land.

The project will provide for a more efficient delivery of the water out of Ephraim Creek and at a much lower cost, according to Arthur King, irrigation company president. The share owners who benefit will pay for the cost.

The second project, at a cost of about $130,000, will involve the installation of several miles of 16-inch and 12-inch pipe from the mouth of Ephraim Canyon to the dividers which control the distribution of the water. The result will be a substantial savings of water, particularly in the latter half of the season, King said.

The company's shareholders will pay for this project through annual assessments.