If you don't have a smoke detector in your residence, you may soon be in violation of state law.

The House Monday passed HB140, which requires all apartments and homes to have smoke detectors in all sleeping areas. "It's not the parents who die in those fires," said Rep. Joe Hull, D-Hooper, the sponsor of the bill. "It's the children who die."Nevertheless, the bill was opposed by many lawmakers who said mandating smoke detectors in residences allowed the government too much control over what people do or do not do in their own homes.

"I say, `Big Brother Government, get off my back,' " said Rep. Ray Short, R-Salt Lake.

One amendment that would have exempted single-family dwellings and another that would have made the law applicable only to new or remodeled residences both failed to pass.

The bill passed on a 39-31 vote.