Taxpayers can speed the waiting period for tax refunds significantly, often receiving them within 10 days, by filing electronically, a new service offered by First Interstate Bank of Utah.

Bank official said there are two options for receiving refunds. Consumers designating a saving or checking account for direct deposit will receive refunds in as few as 10 days and usually not more than 14, depending upon the Internal Revenue Service computer cycle.They also can have their refunds mailed directly to them, which takes from 17 to 21 days, which also depends on the computer cycle.

Electronic tax-filing packages are available at any First Interstate Bank branch. The packages include a toll-free number to call with questions or for help in filling out the forms, an instruction sheet, IRS Form 8453 (request to file electronically) and a postage-paid business reply envelope.

Details about eligibility, costs and filing instructions also are included.