Professor Leslie Norris, Brigham Young University's Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award recipient, will pre-sent his address Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 8 p.m. in the Pardoe Drama Theatre, Harris Fine Arts Center.

His topic is "Without Contraries is No Progression," from William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell." Norris will examine the possibility of using Blake's maxim as a working principle for poets, using examples from his own work.The Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award is the most prestigious faculty award given by the university. The recipient must have demonstrated clear superiority in both scholarship and teaching.

Norris first taught at BYU as a visiting professor of English in 1983. In the years since then, he has received the Annual Faculty Phi Kappa Phi Award and the P.A. Christensen Award and has been named Humanities Professor of Creative Writing.

He has published 20 books, numerous short stories, and a myriad of poems. While his major interest is poetry and fiction, he has also written biography, criticism and translations. Norris has been widely anthologized (his short story, "Shaving," appears in more than 30 publications) and reviewed.

"The Girl from Cardigan," his latest collection of short stories, received high praise in both The New York Times and the London Sunday Times.