A federal grand jury indicted the police chief and a former business partner of Mayor Coleman Young on charges of stealing nearly $2.6 million from a secret police fund. Police Chief William Hart, a "cop's cop" who joined the force in 1952, says he'll fight back.

The grand jury on Monday indicted Hart, 67, on seven counts and Kenneth Weiner, a former deputy chief, on five counts, according to U.S. Attorney Stephen Markman. The indictments followed an 18-month investigation.Young, the target of the grand jury probe when it began, was cleared of any wrongdoing, Mark- man said.

Norman Lippitt, Hart's attorney, said he expects his client to arrange a temporary suspension while he fights the indictment.

Charges against Hart, whose annual salary is about $90,000, include embezzlement, income tax evasion, conspiracy and trying to get a witness to testify falsely before the grand jury. Weiner was charged with conspiracy, embezzlement and tax evasion.