Southern Utah University's forensic squad recently defeated 19 schools from six states to return from Rice University, Houston, with the first-place sweepstakes trophy for the George R. Brown Memorial Invitational Tournament.

SUU sent eight of its team members to the three-day tournament, where they earned nearly two dozen trophies. The University of Houston placed second overall in the competition, while the American University, Washington, D.C., placed third. Suzanne Larson, director of forensics at SUU, reported she was pleased with the outcome of the competition."The tournament provided us an opportunity to test out argumentative positions before the Heart of America Tournament," Larson said. "The Heart tournament convenes in three weeks at the University of Kansas, which extends invitations to the top 50 schools in the nation to compete."

In the debate category, Webster Brown (freshman, Sandy) and Brian Hall (junior, Sandy) defeated Angelos State University and Houston U. to take first place. The debate topic focused on whether the Supreme Court had granted excessive power to law enforcement agencies. Brown and Hall argued that the Supreme Court had acted rashly in deciding the Reynolds case in 1878, which permitted the banning of polygamy in the Utah Territory.

Kim Lewis (freshman, Rock Springs, Wyo.) and Jeff Larson (freshman, Layton) also debated at the tournament, and their points, added to Brown and Hall's, gave SUU a third place in the debate sweepstakes. Lewis and Hall also ranked as the fifth and seventh top debate speakers, respectively.

In the individual events, SUU advanced a number of speakers into elimination rounds and emerged with a second-place sweepstakes trophy, being edged out of first place by the University of Texas at Austin team.

"Austin and SUU often battle for top honors," Larson said. "At the American Forensic Association Tournament last year, SUU finished fourth to Austin's second place."

With a first place in persuasion, a second place in extemporaneous speaking and a fifth place in individual sweeps in addition to his fifth place in debate, Lewis brought home a first place trophy in the indi-vidual/debate sweepstakes. With the addition of a second place in impromptu, Hall took third in the individual/debate sweepstakes.

Marty Cole (Troup, Texas) took first in extemporaneous speaking, second in after-dinner speaking, third in impromptu, third in individual sweeps and sixth in persuasion. John Barondeau (Cedar City) won fourth in informative speaking and fifth in persuasion while Troy Hunt (Price) took sixth in poetry and persuasion.