U.S Olympic sprint coach Russ Rogers said Saturday he removed Carl Lewis from a 4 x 100 Olympic warm-up because the track star had not practiced with the team the past month.

However, Rogers said despite the reprimand, Lewis was still a member of the four-man team. Lewis, four-time gold medal winner in the 1984 Olympics, complained Friday night he did not know why he and Joe de Loach were not allowed to run in the Ivo van Damme Memorial meet in Brussels."No person in their right mind is going to kick Carl off the team. But I don't want to upset everyone else," said Rogers. "Eventually Carl and Joe will have to come to a training camp - the next one in Japan. I know Carl and Joe have now gone back to the States, I think they have created a bad situation. Once they come to training camp it's a different situation."

Lewis won the 100 meters in 10.04 seconds at the Friday meet and de Loach took the 200m in 20.03 seconds.

Lewis came into the press box at the Heysel Stadium to tell reporters that Rogers had left him out of the relay squad and was "acting like a high school teacher" by not including him and de Loach.

But Saturday Rogers told UPI, "Carl made that situation for himself, so did Joe de Loach. The guys that ran Friday night, Albert Robsinon, Lee McNeill, Calvin Smith and Dennis Mitchell, have all been working at the training camp at Davos in Switzerland for the last month.