New bills filed:HB314 (Johnson) - Appropriates $200,000 for the purchase of additional land around the Seveir Valley Applied Technology Center.

HB315 (James) - Allows volunteer firefighters to qualify for retirement benefits by making contributions established by the retirement board.

HB316 (Burningham) - Provides for an equalized capital outlay foundation program.

HB317 (Valentine) - Amends the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

HB318 (Yardley) - Creates the Rural Fire Protection Apparatus Fund and appropriates $500,000 to help rural areas purchase fire equipment.

SB160 (Craig Peterson) - Redefines salvage vehicles and provides for unbranded certificates of title for damaged vehicles under certain circumstances.

SB163 (G. Nielsen) - Revises governance and accountability requirements of the Special Districts Act.

SB164 (McAllister) - Requires the Legislative Fiscal Analyst and the Legislature to use figures from the second quarter of the fiscal year in preparing the state budget and appropriations act.

SB165 (Baird) - Amends responsibilities of the Judicial Council to set by rule qualifications and bonding limits of commercial bond sureties.

SB166 (Beattie) - Amends certain annual reporting provisions of the state Department of Insurance and clarifies certain administrative and regulatory powers of the department.